The “Mask Up, Minnesota” campaign was launched last year to slow the spread of COVID-19 and now Minnesota recreation leaders are encouraging Minnesotans to "Mask Out" - with winter facemasks. You'll definitely want to make sure your skin is covered before heading out into the cold - Did you know that Rochester is one of the 15 coldest cities in the United States? Check out that list below.

Renee Mattson, executive director of the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission, says, "There’s no better way to socially distance, get fresh air and some much-needed exercise than to visit a nearby park or trail, even when it’s cold out. Just put on your favorite winter facemasks – along with parkas, boots, choppers, and long underwear – and Mask Out, Minnesota, to enjoy the beauty of our winter!”

Mattson says most Minnesotans live within minutes of a beautiful trail or park and encouraged people to check out to discover even more outdoor fun.

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