An Owatonna spent a "hysterical" night after her vehicle was stolen in St. Paul Friday with her dogs in the back of the van. Police found the vehicle the next day with the pooches safely in their crates.

Kate Furness called the St. Paul officer a "hero" for finding the van so quickly after the heist and told the St. Paul Pioneer Press she was concerned what would have happened had the dogs been set free. She said she was visiting someone at a hospital when she looked out the window and noticed the vehicle was gone.

Her son made some pleas over social media after the theft but police found the van Saturday just a couple of blocks from where it was stolen. It was missing a couple of tires, but Harkin and Dev were safe in their crates. The dogs are gold shepherds and are show dogs.

Furness cracked the windows and locked the vehicle while she stepped away in the late afternoon on Friday. She told the Pioneer Press that police responded right away.

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