Today is March 7th, meaning that tomorrow night we'll all be setting our clocks ahead an hour as we begin daylight savings time. But if we're "Springing Ahead" as they say, where is spring?

I don't mean to be one of those people complaining about the weather, and while I'm definately more of a summer person, I can still see the beauty in a fresh fallen snow and I couldn't imagine a Christmas that wasn't white. But.... this winter has been harsh! It has been excessively cold and bitter! And although I'll be happy when daylight savings starts and it might actually be light out when I leave work, it's hard to believe spring is coming when stop signs are being overtaken by snow piles!


Photo: K Krage
Photo: K Krage

Until warmer weather comes, I'll be busy pretending. You can find me playing tropical music and looking at photos of island getaways!

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