Over the past weekend the weather was in the 30s, which I would normally consider cold, but after sub-zero temperatures actually seemed decent. I took this chance to get out of the house and met a friend at the River Bend Nature Center for a winter walk.I love the nature center, and I think we are really lucky to have it right here in Faribault. I often go in the summer, but this adventure in the snow was new to me. They do offer snowshoe rentals, which we thought sounded fun, but we decided to stick to walking because we weren't sure how long we wanted to be out. We headed down one of the paths and it was fun to see the same trails I walk in the summer in a completely different light. We also came across a fallen tree, with the roots covered in snow that looked pretty cool, so I had to grab a picture. Our walk was not as long as it would have been in warmer months, but it was nice to get out and see nature, get some fresh air and do something different. Maybe next time I'll try the snowshoes!

Do you get outside and enjoy the cold weather, or do you prefer to stay bundled up inside?


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