5 Tips If You Are Thinking of Selling Your Home
The Spring real estate market has started and according to www.niche.com, Rochester is now the best city to buy a house in all of Minnesota! (Number 4 in all of the United States!) We've got a few tips from local REALTORS to help you get your house ready to sell this season.
This Weekend is the Home, Vacation, and RV Show
Dreaming of home renovations? What about landscaping the backyard? Maybe you need a getaway? The Townsquare Media Home, Vacation, and RV Show in Rochester is this weekend and is the perfect place to daydream and maybe get the ball rolling on a few fun plans!
Kelly’s Channel Surfing Habits Revealed
I don't watch much TV, but anyone who knows me can attest that when I do, I enjoy programming related to searching for a home, decorating and renovating homes, homes in exotic locations, and any home-related type of show.
Unique Homes Give Neighborhoods Character
In a world where cookie cutter homes are everywhere, I love unique homes. As opposed to homes with matching siding, identical floor plans and massive garages as the focal point, I love streets where every house is a little different, and homes with some character.

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