Rain is expected later on tonight, like after midnight, but if you can get outside after it gets dark and look towards the Big Dipper you might see a few shooting stars. Right now we are in the midst of the Draconid meteor shower, it's not as busy as other meteor showers that we get, it still might be a good way to enjoy perhaps the last really decent night over the next few days. 

If you miss out on the meteor shower because you are busy heading to a volleyball game or other activity that's ok because according to Travel and Leisure online this is the first of THREE meteor showers this month, and TWO this week.

The other shower happening this week is the Southern Taurids which sadly peak tonight with an almost full moon so it might be tough to see them according to the American Meteor Society. 

The cool part of the Taurids show is they run through November, but you'll know if you are seeing them because they "tend to produce bright fireballs" according to the Thrillist.

Later this month, the Orionids will peak, Oct 21 and 22.

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