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The Minnesota Twins made a change to a longtime policy at Target Field this season, and are now one of only four teams in Major League Baseball to do so.

It's hard to believe that the Twins have called Target Field home now for 14 seasons, isn't it? Even though it's been open since April 2010, the stadium still feels pretty new to me-- and is still a great place to catch a baseball game (or even a concert.)

And starting with the 2023 season, the Twins made some significant changes to Target Field. They added a brand new, much larger scoreboard. (It's definitely hard to miss, the team says it's now 76 percent bigger and it takes up much of the left-center and center field areas.)

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There's also brand-new AI-based security technology (called Evolve) that has made it much easier to enter Target Field as has cut down on those lines that used to develop as you went through security and metal detectors.

And, Target Field is also one of only four ballparks in Major League Baseball (MLB) to extend alcohol sales this season too. Previous to this year, if you wanted to grab one last beer or other alcoholic beverage, you had to buy it before the end of the seventh inning.

But this season, MLB implemented a new pitch clock, which has shaved an average of 30 minutes off each game so far. And, seeing as the quicker games mean there's less time for fans to enjoy a frosty beverage, the Twins have now allowed alcohol sales to continue into the eighth inning.

CBS-Minnesota reports that only three other teams have made a similar move, including the Milwaukee Brewers (no shock there, am I right?), the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Texas Rangers, though several other teams said they're considering it.

The only issue now, though, is can you AFFORD to have another drink at Target Field? Having an adult beverage at Minnesota's only MLB ballpark isn't cheap. According to the Twins website, draft beer starts at $12.49 while a glass of wine will run you $10, with mixed drinks priced between $11.99 to $21.99!

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