Happy Pi Day! I remember when I was in middle school I was super proud of myself because I could remember more than three digits of the number pi. 3.1415926... that's all I've got.

While the number pi is useful to mathematicians, the rest of us just want good deals on pie since it's national pi day! So I found the best deals for pie (most of them being pizza pie) in the Faribault area!

Papa Murphy's

If you order online, you can get a large, one-topping, thin crust pizza for only $3.14!


Buy one pizza and get the second one free if you order a carry out order online.

Godfather's Pizza

$4 off a jumbo pizza, $3 off a large, $2 off a medium, and $1 off a small. To use these coupons you'll need to go print them here.

Pizza Hut

Order a large, two-topping pizza online for only $7.99!


Long story short, the only place I could find that has a Pi Day deal was Papa Murphy's, so go you Papa Murphy's! I'm actually really sad that Perkins doesn't have a deal on slices of pie today!

If you want to take the short hike up to the Twin Cities there are a couple other popular deals going on for Pi Day.

Those include:

Whole Foods

They have $3.14 off all large bakery pies.

Cici's Pizza Buffet

Buy one regular priced adult buffet and get the second for $3.14. You do need to use this coupon to get the deal though.

Boston Market

When you buy one pot pie with a drink you get a second pot pie for free! Again, this one requires a coupon, which I have for you here.


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