We haven't had much snow so far this winter, but we could see two to three inches later today. Which no doubt means we'll be grabbing our shovels or snow blowers to get our driveways cleared out.


And, we'll have to work extra hard to clear that big pile of wet, heavy snow the plow dumped at the end of your driveway. But here are a few winter hacks, courtesy of Consumer Reports, that should make tackling that big pile of snow the city plow deposited in your driveway a little easier.

First, make sure you tackle that big pile BEFORE the temperature drops and that slushy snow freezes into heavy boulders that resemble concrete. Sure, it's not fun to do now-- especially if you've already cleared the driveway, but waiting sometimes makes it worse, the story says.

Next, the story says to attack it with your shovel-- even if you've got a snow blower. Breaking that heavy snow pile up into smaller pieces will help make sure your snow blower doesn't clog up.

It also says to take smaller passes with your snow blower to help avoid clogging. Sure, you might have to make a few more trips, but it's worth it to no have to constantly stop to unplug a wet, slushy mess from your snow blower.

Finally, the story says, if you clear a spot along the street to the left of your driveway (as you're looking at the street) about 10 feet long and one car wide, it'll lessen the amount of snow the city plow dumps in your driveway, because it'll push all that snow into that area, and not your driveway.

Or, you can hope your neighbor who just bought a brand new snow blower will take pity on you and clear your driveway for you!

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