Can you spot what's wrong with this order of Nachos Navidad? I did. Immediately, and it nearly brought me to tears, leaving me curled up in bed, hopeless.

First, the background.

Jose Feliciano is famous for his Christmas song, Feliz Navidad. Years ago the Taco John's chain hired him to sing a special version for their Christmas Nachos, "Nachos Navidad."

Back when I worked on KROC I played the radio version A LOT. Probably 16 years worth of Nachos Navidad in my head. So whenever I play Feliz Navidad, I think Nachos. WIth green and red chips. That part is really important.

Now the foreground. Yesterday, I got this call.

And so I went to Taco John's, ordered the Nachos Navidad and they looked like this.

James Rabe - TSM - R
James Rabe - TSM - R

Do you see any red and green chips? I don't see any red and green chips. What's going on here, Taco John's? Sure they were delicious, but without red and green chips, they are merely Nachos. No Navidad. They are Navidad-less! They are literally Nachos Everdaydad.

Where are my red and green chips? Obviously, I was inconsolable, so I ate all of them, napped, and woke up a little less able to see the joy and happiness around me. My world went from Red and Green and Happy to...yellowish, like the sun. But an UNHAPPY sun, here me?

Anyway...I'll get by. I just need to know why. Why you done me wrong, TJ?

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