We all know about those selfie sticks that were (and kind of still are) all the rage. I can see the usefulness of them, it makes it a lot easier to take family selfies (yes, I am speaking from experience). But I really don't think a SeflieBrush is necessary.

MLC Products via Amazon
MLC Products via Amazon

This thing is basically a brush that's also a phone case. It doesn't make it any easier to take a selfie. Their slogan is "Have your best hair in every selfie!" Well if that's the goal here, then why can't you just bring a brush with you? Anyone that owns this has a big enough purse to carry around a brush AND their phone.

The only thing that was going to help the product was if it had a button on the brush handle to make it easier to take pictures. But it doesn't even have that! Which brings me to my original argument: it's just a brush that's also a phone case.

I don't even think these are available for purchase anymore because anytime I click "Buy Now" it says it can't find the site.

If you want to check out the SelfieBrush for yourself, click this link! Or check out the seller's page here!



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