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A Minnesota woman posted a unique recipe using the classic Spaghetti O's online and, well, it did not go over very well.

The thing about the Internet these days is that it gives EVERYONE a chance to voice their opinion. That can be good, although sometimes the deluge of negativity can be a little bit much. Which is what this Minnesota woman is probably thinking today, after her 'SpaghettiOs Pie' recipe went viral online.

According to BringMeTheNews, the video of her creating the new delicacy has been viewed over 2 million times. And the result has been negative for most of those views! The recipe, which involves taking a can of SpaghettiOs, adding some cheese (though not enough, according to some comments), milk, buttered bread, and garlic salt, and then tossing it all in a pie crust, which she then bakes in the oven.

BMTN hasn't released the name of the woman behind the bizarre recipe, preferring to give her some anonymity in the face of all the criticism-- though the story did say they could tell she was a fellow Minnesotan when she used garlic salt from Kowalski's Market, a line of higher-end grocery stores located throughout the Twin Cities metro (the closest location one to Rochester is located on Diffley Road in Eagan, about an hour 15 minutes away.)

Now, while I've always been a fan of SpaghettiOs (I mean, who isn't, right?) but I can't say I need to try this recipe out anytime soon. I'd rather just a bowl of SpaghettiOs the way there were intended-- right out of the microwave and so hot that you scorch the heck out of your tongue because you don't wait long enough for them to cool off. (Or is that just me?)

And if you also aren't too enthused about a pie made with SpaghettiOs, keep scrolling to see some other uniquely Minnesota dishes you might rather dive into instead.

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