Everyone dreams, some people will wake up and remember their dream vividly while others won't remember a thing. Sometimes, the dreams aren't as happy and exciting as most people would like and those are called Nightmares. According to a recent survey conducted by Mattress Advisor over 1500 Americans were polled to find out the most common nightmare in the state you live.

Out of the people asked in the poll 34.62% of Minnesotans have nightmares about missing important events. What this could mean is that your subconscious is trying to tell you that you maybe unprepared for the future.  These types of nightmares are usually caused by high stress and anxiety.

In the neighboring states of Iowa, North Dakota, and Wisconsin they experience some different nightmares:

Iowa: Tornados (14.29%)

North Dakota: Going Bald (33.33%)

Wisconsin: Being Chased (21.43%)

The top three common nightmares shared among everyone is; Being chased (13.45%), Falling (11.23%), and Missing important events (7.83%).

Do you experience any of these nightmares? You can check out the full list of all the states surveyed by Mattress Advisor here!

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