"If you ain't first you're last." That's the Bobby family motto. That's also the approach Dodge is taking in their latest commercial. The ad is almost a prequel to Talladega Nights and features a young Ricky Bobby, Cal Naughton Jr, and Reese Bobby all driving different high-powered MOPARs around Talladega County. And that's not all the ad has...Dodge also sneaks in the all-new AC/DC single "Shot In The Dark". Check it out.

One of my favorite parts of the ad is when the young Cal Naughton Jr, looks into the camera and admits this stunt driver is "a 40-year-old man" and the camera flashes a guy rocking a curly wig in the driver's seat.

Gary Cole reprises his role as Reese Bobby in the ad and then asks the boys to remember his motto. Young Ricky replies "wake up in the morning and piss excellence!" to which Cole replies "No."

The ad which was released on October 2, has gotten the attention of folks on Youtube, as it's already been viewed more than 2.4 million times.

Not only is the ad great some of the comments under the video are just as good. Look who stopped by to leave a comment...none other than Ron Burgandy himself!

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

Hat's off to the team who imagined and delivered this ad, not only is it clever and funny, it manages to bring in those of us who wanted to hear AC/DC's newest single.

Speaking of that, you can hear the latest from Angus Young and crew below.

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