Today on Carly's Curious Cabinet, Carly almost made Paul lose his breakfast!

Obviously, any baby can't blow their nose on their own. So when my brother and I were babies, my parents had this bulb syringe. So you stick it up the baby's nose and squeeze the bulb to suck the snot out.

Yah, it's gross. Any of you who have had or currently have small kids in your life know these are a thing.

But the bulb syringe is NOTHING compared to the NoseFrida.

Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond
Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond

Yes, you are looking at that correctly. What you do is stick one end in the baby's nose and you stick the other end in your mouth and suck out the snot.

Now you understand why Paul almost lost it this morning while on the air!

The funny thing is that after the on-air segment, my mom texted me and told me that there's the possibility that some of my relatives use the NoseFrida. Oh, and there's also the possibility that you could accidentally get some in your mouth...

Ok, now I might lose it! Gross!

Check out the product at Bed Bath and Beyond's website!

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