Minnesota is not only the land of 10,000 lakes but 10,000 inventions. What else are you going to do with our time during the winter? By now I'm sure you know some of the biggies when it comes to Minnesota inventions, think post-it notes, Tonka trucks, the mall, and the 'recreational' snowmobile. But what about the lesser-known, sometimes odd inventions that maybe you use in everyday life and don't know how they got their start. There is a chance it was thought of right here in Minnesota. Did you know that Minnesota ranked #11 in the number of patent grants in the US for the year 2020? 

Here are my top-10 'odd' Minnesota inventions with a H/T to MinnPost for their top-50 MN Innovations article from 2015 for some inspiration. 

Top-10 Odd Minnesota Inventions

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