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The self-proclaimed 'World's Largest Sugar Beet' was just recently built in Northwestern Minnesota. The massive sugar beet statue was just finished this March. Minnesota artist Josh Porter is the one responsible for creating this statue.

Bring Me the News says that this sugar beet statue stands 21 feet tall! 14 feet is just the beet, and then the leaves are 7 feet tall. The city of Halstad, MN, which is in the Red River Valley, commissioned the giant sugar beet statue. It was built as a commemoration of the impact that the sugar beet has had on Minnesota agriculture.

The first sugar beets that were planted in the Red River Valley were planted back in 1918. Since then "more than 500,000 acres in the area" grow sugar beets. The Red River Valley grows about "57% of the total sugar beet acres planted in the country."

This is not the first cool statue and roadside attraction that Josh has made in Minnesota, either. According to Roadside America, he is also responsible for the construction of the huge, 12-foot, Paul Bunyan statue that is at the Brainerd Welcome Center.

You can check out more about the 'World's Largest Sugar Beet' on their Facebook page. If you want to take the hike up to Northern Minnesota to see it for yourself it is located at 33 3rd St. W, Halstad, MN.

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