Facebook seems to be fascinated by these two steers from Goodhue County. Less than an hour from being posted by the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office, the post had been shared over 40 times. 

I know the KDHL Cash Cow is coming on Thursday, but he doesn't seem to resemble these two.

Image Credit: Townsquare Media
Image Credit: Townsquare Media

The two steers look like they were oblivious to being out roaming around. They seem to be well mannered, there were no reports of graffiti with the words 'eat more chickin' around the county. But it is 'udderly' possible someone forgot to close a gate and off they went.

Something might have happened as the two are connected to a case number in the post by the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office. So if you know who's animals these are, it would be a good idea to pass it along to the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office so they can be reunited with their herd.

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