Keep it down to a dull roar, I am not totally against emotional support animals as I think they serve a purpose for some individuals, but this list of recently banned emotional support animals on American Airlines flights is ridiculous! The airline Monday came out with a revision of its guidelines for comfort animals on flights.

American Airlines stated that the use of support animals on its flights has ballooned over the past year by more than 40%, with customers transporting service or support animals aboard the flight. Now the airline is cracking down on what it will allow.

American Airlines now says that some animals are off limits entirely because they pose a safety or public health risk.

Some animals on the list that are going to be banned are insects, goats, and hedgehogs, but also ferrets, spiders, and non-household birds, like chickens and hawks. Also banned are unclean animals or animals with an odor.

I have to wonder aloud, who has an emotional support insect?

BUT they will still allow Miniature horses, so long as they're properly trained as service animals.

The airline's revised rules go into effect on July 1.


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