Time for our weekly look into our adoptable animals and this week we've got a Chase the cat who is a little bit sturdier than your average cat. But don't fret over this larger size, Chase likes both people and other cats, so he could be the purr-fect addition to your home!

Our friend Michaela who is a volunteer with the Mower County Humane Society has more information about Chase.

"Chase came to the Mower County Humane Society from LeRoy, MN on 2/2/21 along with two other kitties. This big boy is around 2 years old and a very loveable cat who does well with both people and the other cats."

As you can see from Chase's picture he is also a little bit of a ham for the camera too.

Michaela also mentioned that Chase is very affectionate, which if you are looking for a cat that enjoys spending some quality time with you, he is the right cat to join you and your family.

Adopt Chase and change a life o both a shelter animal and yours for just $50 with an approved application. Get that application for Chase, or another one of his friends at the Mower County Humane Society here.

An adoption update on one of our featured pets from earlier in the year. Gail was adopted out recently and that is great news! Thanks to the couple who found Gail and gave her a new home! Look how happy they are!

Also for those looking to find a canine companion, the Mower County Humane Society has plenty of dogs that might be right for you! You can see all of the dog available online through their website, but here are just a few of the available dogs.

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