A group of bug enthusiasts in the US are making headlines as they seek to change the name of an insect that calls portions of Minnesota home, as its name is deemed offensive to those of a certain Romanian descent. The Gypsy Moth name is in the crosshairs of the "Entomological Society of America, which oversees the common names of bugs, is getting rid of the common name" according to the ESA. 

While there is no new name for the moth at this time, the group plans to meet to discuss the new name of the moth, and the lesser-known now only scientifically named 'gypsy' ant.

According to a press release from the ESA "The purpose of common names is to make communication easier between scientists and the public audiences they serve. By and large, ESA’s list of recognized insect common names succeeds in this regard, but names that are unwelcoming to marginalized communities run directly counter to that goal," says ESA President Michelle S. Smith, BCE. "That's why we’re working to ensure all ESA-approved insect common names meet our standards for diversity, equity, and inclusion."

According to the Minnesota DNR, the moth "in Minnesota is found most frequently in the southeast and northeast corners of the state."

Similarly back in 2014 Minnesota made headlines when it changed the name of an invasive fish, known then as the asian carp.

So put me down for NOT knowing Minnesota in 2014 renamed fish we commonly referred to as 'asian carp' to 'invasive carp'. This move was made due to the fact that "the name was deemed offensive to the Asian community" per the National Review article written about the change back in 2014.

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