Cheers was an absolutely fantastic series that if you haven't rewatched a few episodes recently it's worth the time. One such episode from the first season entitled 'Show Down Part 2' starts off with a cold open that if you aired it today, it would still work. It had everything minus the whole bars being open and lack of social distancing. But the reaction to Chuck's new job had me thinking Coronavirus and laughing at how absurd and how timely the reaction by the Cheers cast.

Sam Malone asks Chuck how the job search is going and Chuck tells Sam and the bar about his janitorial job at a biology lab that makes mutant viruses. Everyone seems happy for Chuck that he got a job and reassures him that everything is probably fine working there. Chuck says goodbye to the crew and after he exits the bar everyone starts wiping everything down and spraying Lysol. How timely, right?

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With all of the sports replays that happen on the weekends, I wonder why some networks haven't brought back shows like Cheers or Frasier to soak up some of the gaps left by sports.

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