Four cows invaded a grocery store in Hong Kong and starting eating the produce. This so could have happened in Minnesota!

These cows knew exactly what they wanted, they went straight to the produce section and started eating what they felt like. Vice reports that local newspaper Ming Pao said the cows invaded a Fusion grocery store in Mui Wo. Staff and patrons had to shoo the cows out of the store.

Here's a fun fact for today: apparently there are feral cows that wander the streets in Hong Kong and Mui Wo! But according to Ming Pao, District Councillor Andy Wong Man-hon said this is the first time anything like this has happened.

Fusion told Coconut, a website, that all of the produce was destroyed because of the invasion and that they needed to clean all of the shelves.

Thankfully this was caught on video for our viewing enjoyment! Check it out HERE!


Source: Thrillist


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