Being someone who owns an older snowmobile, I belong to a bunch of pages and groups online that feature older snowmobiles, parts, and other for sale gear. As you can imagine at times that can clutter up a newsfeed with lots of things for sale, or trade. This morning I stumbled upon one of the coolest sleds I have ever seen for sale in Wisconsin! Behold the 1969 Polaris Innovator Sno Coupe Ranger!

Image Credit: Scott Hiller
Image Credit: Scott Hiller via Vintage Snowmobiles For Sale/Facebook

The 1969 Polaris Innovator Sno Coupe, was affectionately known as the "Gremlin" and very few were actually made, less than 200 total, so seeing one is rare, and owning one is even rarer.

The coupe's top would slide back allowing the driver and a passenger to get in the sled, which then slid back into place for you to cruise the winter landscape in comfort, and some really awesome style.

The same guy, Scott Hiller, was selling four of the coupes as a package deal a few weeks ago for what appears to be $75,000, on Facebook Marketplace. It seems that he has maybe sold one or two of them, as he only listed the gold one on the vintage snowmobiles for sale page I am a part of.

Either way, a way cool find on a cold Minnesota spring morning, as we are preparing our SCorpion for another summer in the shed, freeing up some space in the garage for the ATVs and summer riding.

H/T to for the Marketplace posting with all 4 sleds!

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