We're smack dab in the middle of a Minnesota spring, and here's another reminder to always clear the snow off the roof of your vehicle!

The crew at the Dakota County Sheriff's Office recently posted a few pictures on their Twitter page of one of the squad cars with a smashed windshield. How did it get shattered like that?

Turns out it was damaged when it was recently hit by a big piece of ice that had flown off the roof of a semi-trailer.

They wrote, "Please, please, clear your vehicle of ice and snow before you take them on the road. This damage happened to one of our patrol vehicles as a result of ice flying off of a Semi truck trailer. We are happy to report Ranger Mamer is ok, startled, but ok. The squad, not so much…"

And, just in case you're wondering, no, the deputy in the squad wasn't following too closely behind the semi (as one Twitter user commented); the semi was driving in the opposite direction as the squad-- and yet it was still hit by the ice! (Check out the photos below!)

We've all seen people who don't bother to clean all the snow off their vehicle before taking off, right? Come on, man, clear that snow off your vehicle-- it's not just an inconvenience, it could be dangerous to your fellow Minnesotans!


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