Now that the calendar has flipped over to August (okay, it actually did that last Thursday), we're just a little over two weeks away from being able to get this limited-release, classic Minnesota beer.

Now, let me say upfront that I have a LOT of favorite Minnesota beers-- heck, there are hardly any beers I DON'T like (I think that's the Wisconsin native in me)-- but THIS one beer is special, mainly because you can only get it for 12 days out of the year.

It is, of course, the now-famed  Mini Donut Beer, made by Minnesota's own Lift Bridge Brewing Company. And, you can only get it one place: at the Ball Park Cafe, during the run of the Minnesota State Fair (which, this year, runs August 22nd through Labor Day, September 2nd.)

Liftbridge first brewed the Mini Donut Beer for the State Fair back in 2013, and it's been a big hit ever since. Part of the intrigue for me is that you can ONLY get it on tap at the State Fair. And that limited-release really makes it special.

If you haven't had it, Liftbridge describes it like this: "Mini-Donut Beer has a warm tan color, like the exterior of a mini donut. A malty base and natural flavors give this sweet sipper enough rich flavor without overwhelming the palate. Mini-Donut is served in a glass rimmed with cinnamon and sugar."

And, it's not just me that enjoys a fermented malt beverage while at the Fair. Beer is big business at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, too. Back in 2017, beer sales at the State Fair were just shy of $12 million-- that's nearly $1 million in sales for each day the Fair is open!

However, if you'd like to try a Mini Donut beverage without the alcohol, Liftbridge introduced a Mini Donut Cream Soda earlier this year, that's available year-round.

I'm hoping to head up to the Fair Saturday, August 24th (to see Dierks Bentley in the Grandstand) but one of our first stops will be to get this classic Minnesota beer!

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