It's getting so cold out there! There's a lot of static, my face is getting dry, and I'm going to have to pull out my hat and mittens soon. And you might want to add this winter accessory that we talked about during Carly's Curious Cabinet today to your closet!

This item looks like it would incredibly warm and the listing also claims it to be windproof. That's definitely something we need here in Minnesota, that wind can be really nasty sometimes!

So this winter you need...

Credit: gloednApple via Amazon
Credit: gloednApple via Amazon

this squid/octopus tentacle ski mask!

Yeah, it looks horrifying in my opinion. I don't doubt that it's super warm. But just think about what it would look like if you saw someone walking down the road with this on! I would probably walk the other way, it would look creepy!

On the other hand, this could also make a pretty funny gift. It's not expensive, it looks hilarious, and it would actually be sort of useful. The perfect gag gift!

Check out the listing HERE! And check out more from gloednApple HERE!


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