You see it on the sign as you pull up, the building has been around since 1889, but the Ole Store Restaurant in Northfield wasn't always a restaurant!

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

When it was first built, this building used to be a grocery store. How unique is that! There are definitely some restaurants around Minnesota with great backstories, but how many do you know of that used to be grocery stores?

The inside is "steeped in historic charm" and the current owners hope to keep it that way and continue to preserve the history of this awesome building.

The menu options look delicious, and a must-try, while you're there, is the Ole Roll (a delicious looking cinnamon roll)! You know that the food is going to be amazing when they say right on the front page of their website that their "seasonal menus are designed to showcase local ingredients, fresh produce, and the finest meats." YUM!

Learn more about the Ole Store Restaurant and find their hours and location HERE!




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