Having a 15-year-old exchange student, and no kids certainly can lead to some very interesting weekends in our house. Usually, our weekends center around a Saturday afternoon soccer game, for Pau our exchange student from Barcelona, Spain, and then assisting him with any homework he has to still get done in time for in-class learning on Mondays. This weekend was a little different as the fall soccer season winds down, he didn't have a game so we decided to take a day trip up to Duluth to show him what fall in Minnesota looks like.

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It's been about 3-4 years since I was last in Duluth, and I can honestly say probably 9-10 years since I have set foot in Canal Park. It's funny how things can change, yet remain the same. Canal Park had a portion of it under construction, and it was a PT job finding a spot to park, but once we got out of the car to walk around and show Pau the lake it felt almost normal. There were people everywhere, some in masks, people wearing winter coats on a 45-degree day, and lots of people walking puppies and dogs around. The mask portion made you realize it was still 2020.

After we wandered around the canal area, we hopped back in the car to head up the hill to Skyline Parkway to check out the view, and take in some fall colors. It turns out we weren't the only people to have that thought, lots of people were driving along Skyline Parkway taking in the views and of course stopping up at Enger Park and climbing the steps to the top of Enger Tower.

It was a really fun day trip, especially for Pau. (Apparently, we picked a 'cool' spot for some 'insta'-pics and Snapchat pics for him to send his teammates and friends back in Spain.) I found it tough to try and accurately describe just how big Lake Superior is, I went with Minnesota's unsalted/sharkless ocean, and qued up Google Earth to show him the sheer size of the lake.

Here are a few of the pictures that I ended up taking during our trip to Duluth, the colors were pretty awesome, and might be around another weekend or two. My wife was thinking that the 'reds' might pop a little more next week, I'm not a tree-expert so I was just happy to see the lake, some fall colors, and to show off our great state a little bit more to our exchange student.

Duluth October 2020

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