Recently there was an E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce from Yuma, AZ.

The CDC released a statement, warning everyone to throw out any romaine lettuce they have. If you have something that has any romaine lettuce in it, throw it out. Even if you've eaten some of the lettuce and you haven't gotten sick, still throw it out.

The CDC has also told restaurants and retailers to not sell any products containing romaine lettuce from the Yuma area. But be careful!

They say that if you're going out to eat and you want to order anything with romaine lettuce in it, ask the waiter if the lettuce came from Yuma. If they don't know or it did come from there, don't eat it. Same goes for when you're shopping at a grocery store: ask where the lettuce came from. If they don't know or if it came from the Yuma area, don't buy it.

As of Wednesday, the CDC said that it has reached 53 cases in 16 states.


Source: USA Today

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