I guess I'm a lot more tolerant than some others. If some woman photobombed one of my pictures while showing her bare breast, the first word that comes to mind is "thanks".

So, there's this woman from Cypress, Texas who was out with her family at a state park, this past Monday.  The woman's grandmother had recently passed away and they were visiting the park in her honor.

They took a picture at the park of the family and all was good. Good until they took a better look at the photo. It Seems a young woman had seized the opportunity to photobomb the family's picture. Not just photobombed, but actually exposed her breast in the picture.

When Monica Davila went through the photos and saw what the bomber had done she was more than angry, she was outraged. She was quoted as saying "boob, nipple, everything.  We're trying to recreate memories.  Having some chick's boob isn't allowing us to do that."

Am I the only one that thinks the flasher makes the picture more memorable? Personally, I think she needs to lighten up a bit.

Now, Monica is circulating the picture everywhere in hopes of identifying the flasher. What exactly she plans to do if she identifies the woman is anyone's guess.

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