A good-sized crowd came out Wednesday to welcome the Traveling Vietnam Wall to Owatonna on its way to a weekend on display in Faribault.

A sea of bikes and classic cars, many with American flags flying, already was in evidence on the Steele County Fairgrounds by 1PM Wednesday afternoon. Members of various motorcycle organizations proudly sported their insignia on their vests.

The wall, in its travel trailer, arrived at 2PM. It was escorted onto the fairgrounds by a color guard as the appreciative crowd doffed their hats and took photos and video to commemorate the occasion.

Organizers didn't unload the wall, because it takes about four hours to set up. The wall will be on display throughout the Labor Day weekend in Faribault on the Rice County Fairgrounds. Official opening ceremonies are at 6:30PM Thursday. The wall will be on display through Labor Day.

As cars and motorcycles lined up for the procession to Faribault, someone played Lee Greenwood's patriotic classic "Proud to be an American" and the color guard flanked the path, ready to present the colors as the truck and trailer hauling the replica wall drove past.

At 3PM, law enforcement and fire department rigs led the procession out of the fairgrounds through Owatonna to County 45 toward Medford and Faribault.

It took about five minutes for the entire procession to clear the fairgrounds on its way to Faribault.

The motorcade also passed through Medford, where residents lined the streets to show their support for members of the U.S. military.

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