WalleHub did a study to determine how happy each of the 180 largest cities in the country are. As you probably know, where you live definitely plays a role in your happiness.

In order to rank each city, they looked at a few different things, like the "depression rate to income-growth rate to average leisure time spent per day." Unfortunately, since they only looked at the 180 largest cities, Faribault was not ranked. But there were two Minnesota cities that made the list and I bet you can guess which ones! Yep, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Minneapolis ranked pretty well, coming in at 26. But St. Paul ranked higher, at 19! So I guess if you decide to move to the Twin Cities for whatever reason, St. Paul is the place to go!

Cities in some of our neighboring states ranked in the top 10 though! Here are the 10 happiest cities in the US according to WalletHub:


1. Plano, TX

2. Irvine, CA

3. Madison, WI

4. Fremont, CA

5. Huntington Beach, CA

6. Fargo, ND

7. Grand Prairie, TX

8. San Jose, CA

9. Scottsdale, AZ

10. San Francisco, CA


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