Two sisters, Jenn and Nang, lost their dad just a year ago and are honoring him by playing his favorite music during a radio show they created called Dad Rock Radio. They do this radio at the Marquette University radio station, where Jenn goes to school.

While their dad was alive, they told KARE 11, they thought the music their dad listened to was really lame. But now it has a whole other meaning and they're playing it for others to enjoy.

During their show, which they broadcast online Friday's 4:30-6 PM, they talk about memories they had with their dad and occasionally have guests. One guest that KARE 11 spoke with is a student who lost her dad when she was 10. Jenn and Nang have also had their mom and their other sister on their show.

There's a game that they've played on the show called "Dad Cards" which KARE 11 explains as "a game in which participants draw from a coffee mug a word they then relate to a story about their father."

The kind of music that is played on Dad Rock Radio ranges from Barenaked Ladies to Jake Johnson to Ryn Weaver.

Check out Jenn and Nang's interview on KARE 11:


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