If you happened to catch last night's MLB World Series game between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros, not only did you get to see the Astros 7-1 win, you also may have caught two women flashing Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole live on TV during the 7th inning. 

It was the bottom of the 7th inning, two outs, Washington had just gotten onto the board earlier in the inning with solo-homer by Soto. Ryan Zimmerman, the long-time National was at the plate with a 3-2 count.

Off to the top of the screen, you see two bright yellow shirts vanish as Garrit Cole stares in at the catcher waiting on the sign. If you weren't watching the at-bat and wondering where those bright yellow shirts went you got an eyeful. The two women were flashing on LIVE TV Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole, and the rest of the audience tuned in to Game 5.

The two 'culprits' are models. One is model/founder of ShagMag.com Julia Rose, the other was a brand executive of ShagMag.com Lauren Summer.

It looks like both won't be taking in America's past time in the future as they have been banned from all Major League Baseball games for an indefinite period of time according to a social media post by Julia Rose on Twitter.

There was also a third member of the 'flash' brigade, but they didn't make it onto live television. The women claim they were flashing to bring awareness to breast cancer, and are raising money that will go to 'women with breast cancer to pay their medical bills' according to Lauren Summer's Twitter account.  

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