The bakers at Nadia Cakes sure know how to grab a headline! The award winning cupcake shops in Woodbury and Maple Grove, also have a thing about things that belong in a toilet.

Each year for April Fools’ Day, Nadia Cakes unveils a slew of creatively designed treats, with no fewer than three of their cupcakes this year depicting something you’d find flushed

For 2018, the lineup includes a cupcake that looks like a bowl of lo mein, a bucket of popcorn, a bird’s nest and a “bunny butt.” But the Unicorn Poop — a rainbow cake topped with green grass frosting and a rainbow swirl of fondant meant to stand in for the excrement of those magical creatures — remains their signature item.

Erin Campbell, general manager of the Woodbury store said in a Star Tribune article that “We have a sick, twisted sense of humor.”

The specialty cupcakes sold only for four days, this year from March 29 to April 1, so if you want one you'll have to hurry!

The two Nadia Cakes stores are located at 11650 Fountains Dr. #207, Maple Grove & 429 Commerce Dr., Woodbury.

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