The Union Pacific "Big Boy" steam engine arrived in Owatonna this morning, as part of the 150th-anniversary celebration of the Golden Spike. The 4014 engine was scheduled to arrive at 10:45 and remain for 45 minutes before continuing its journey towards Northfield and then St. Paul. The steam engine was running behind, they showed up at 11:45, and wow! That's all I can say, just wow! It is HUGE, and how exciting to see a part of history come alive right in front of you. I am so thankful that it only started sprinkling when it was getting ready to leave.

If you went, you know the crowds were massive, and I can't imagine how the parking situation would have gone if they kept to their original planned stop.

Enjoy the pictures, they do not do the engine justice. You can't smell the steam, or hear the whistle, rest assured that whistle was loud.

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