United Airlines today announced that it is grounding its pet-shipping business in the wake of a mistake-filled week. I just got back from my vacation in Arizona and our flights included a lay over both ways in Denver. I didn't see any pets on the flight, but we also flew another airline.

The suspension comes on the heels of a German shepherd named Irgo last week was accidentally sent to Japan, and another United flight was diverted to Ohio because it was carrying a dog that was put on the wrong plane. Both dogs eventually made it home safely.

The airline's review of the PetSafe policy will not be impacting any pets that are kept in the cabin, such as the French bulldog that died last week after a flight attendant ordered a passenger to put her pet carrier in the overhead bin.

My wife and I didn't travel with our dog, but if we did our 67 pound dog would have been subjected to flying in the cargo hold. As a pet owner I would be really upset if the airline either sent my dog to the wrong location, or I found out it was been mistreated or mishandled.

For those of you who are still heading out on Spring Break and planned on bringing your pet with, you better check ahead to see what the airline is advising you do to get your pet to it's destination.


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