USA TodayFOX NewsCBS News, and the Associated Press are all reporting that the body of 20-year-old University of Iowa student, Mollie Tibbetts has been found as of this morning (Tuesday, August 21st).

The vice president of Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa, Greg Willey, "told the Associated Press the body found Tuesday is believed to be Tibbetts." CNN reports that her body was found in rural Poweshiek County.

No arrests have been made at this time. A press conference is scheduled to take place at 4 PM CST on Tuesday.

Mollie has been missing since July 18th and was last seen jogging in Brooklyn, IA around 7:30 PM. She was watching her boyfriend's brother's dogs while they were away.

Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa reports that the reward fund for Mollie's safe return had risen to $400,000 and that money will now be used "for information that helps authorities track down anyone who might have been responsible for her death."



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