I have friends who have lost a lot of weight and credit cutting carbohydrates as a key reason why they were able to do so.  A new medical study published in the medical journal The Lancet Public Health suggests low and high carbohydrate diets could shorten life.  Senior author of the study, Scott Solomon calls the research, "the most comprehensive study of carbohydrate intake ever."

Researchers concluded that people who ate a moderate amount of carbohydrates lived four years longer than those with low carbohydrate consumption and one year longer than those who ate a lot of carbohydrates. I've always believed that not overdoing it in any food category is the way to go and cutting any food category out entirely is probably not a good idea.

By the way, low-carb diets were defined as less than 40 percent of calories from carbohydrates and high-carb diets were more than 70 percent of calories.   Doctors involved in the study say the research indicates 50 to 55 percent of calories coming from carbohydrates is about the right mix.

Going to a no-carb diet can leave you tired and moody according to the researchers because our brains use the glucose in the carbs as fuel.

I love bread, in fact I've never met a bread I didn't like and enjoy eating rice and pasta. I'm a walking lover of carbohydrates.  Bananas, jams, potatoes, you name it I love it.

I know another study will come along and throw this one off to the side but it's good to know if I eat a high-carb diet I'll only die a year earlier than if I ate healthier versus 4 years earlier with a low-carb diet.

I should send the researchers some bread in celebration.

Peeling Potatoes Faribault Thanksgiving Dinner 2014. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Peeling Potatoes Faribault Thanksgiving Dinner 2014. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld



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