I know, summer isn't over yet, but this kind of news needs to be spread immediately!

Last year Aldi started selling wine advent calendars for the Christmas season, but they didn't sell it here in the US. Well, times are changing, because USA Today says that this year Aldi will be selling their wine advent calendars here!

24 new wines for me to try? Sign me up!

I'm terrible at picking out new wines to try so not only is this a fun, adult version of your typical advent calendar but this also gives you the opportunity to try new wines. No these are not regular sized bottles of wine, they're just mini ones, but perfect for sampling new flavors!

Oh, and not only are they selling a wine advent calendar but you can also pair it with their CHEESE advent calendar! 24 mini cheeses, one for each day leading up to Christmas. Yep, this is going to be a great holiday season.

These advent calendars will start being sold November 7th, but none of you are allowed to buy one until I've gotten mine because these things are limited in quantity! JK, but I will be a little sad if I can't get my hands on one.

The wine one won't be the cheapest advent calendar of all time though, coming in at a total of $69.99. The cheese one is much cheaper: $12.99.

And I thought the holiday season was great BEFORE this came into my life!


Source: USA Today


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