It's election season in the #BoldNorth. With the primary now over, and parties have their designated candidates, it's only right that debates between the candidates begin. In the 3rd Congressional District in the west metro, one debate has a cost to get in the door.

If you want to see the first debate of election season between Rep. Erik Paulsen and his Democratic challenger Dean Phillips you'll have to shell out some cash. $60 will get you in the door to the first and currently the only debate between the two candidates.

Tomorrow's debate has resulted in criticism from some of the many CD-3 constituents.

One person who was angry by the price tag to attend was Michael Sweeney, a Twin Cities-based businessman who is the former President and CEO of Steinway Musical Instruments, and former chairman of the Star Tribune board.

Over the weekend, Sweeney called the situation "absurd" and in his anger, he bought 60 tickets for the event and tweeted that he will just give away to CD-3 constituents who want to attend.

That's a total cost of $3,600! Last night Sweeney tweeted that all of the tickets were spoken for, but will keep peoples contact information that didn't receive tickets in case any more are made available.

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