Everybody's seen the iconic movie 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas,' but nobody has had a chance to actually visit the Grinch's lair... until now!

Just a few days ago, an incredible new property went up on the vacation rental site Vacasa. Located above "Who-Ville" at 1957 Mt. Crumpit Drive is a remote cave that is home to Dr. Seuss' infamous character the Grinch. That cave (actually located near Boulder, Utah) became available to rent back on December 3rd. The listing, posted by the Grinch himself, reads:

"That’s right, the legendary rocky residence of the world’s most famous Who-villain can be your very own holiday hideaway. The halls of my entire cave are decked with all my favorite things—and Max’s, too, of course. Vacasa will take care of everything (because I have no interest or time for that)."

Unfortunately, the property was booked up so fast that there are no more spots available, but Vacasa is still offering everyone a peek inside the unique residence. The lair is described as a "multilevel, carved-out cave home with one main bedroom, a guest bedroom, and two fully functional, flushable bathrooms." Some of the unusual features include a drum set, a chess table, a huge library, and the craziest pipe organ you'll ever see! There's even a kitchen with one-of-a-kind products like Who Hash, Who Pudding, Roast Beast, and Whamble Bamble Crunch. The only thing the cave doesn't have is cable or internet, but you definitely won't need it!

To take a 3-D tour of the Grinch's lair, you can click HERE. Check out some photos of the interior below:

The Grinch Cave Vacation Rental

The vacation rental site Vacasa recently offered a few stays inside the Grinch's Lair in Boulder, Utah! Take a peek inside the unusual property which, unfortunately, is already booked up!

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