VeepThe Thick of It, and In the Loop creator Armando Iannucci has made a career of satirizing the insanity of modern politics. And right now, business is very good. If that’s your canvas, there’s a lot to paint from the situation inside the American government circa 2018. The President’s Twitter feed provides enough material all by itself for two or three new Iannucci series.

Speaking of Iannucci and Twitter, look at what transpired on his own Twitter feed over the course of several hours yesterday. First Iannucci tweeted this idea, surely in jest, about a Trump movie, where the Commander-in-Chief is quietly snuck out of the real Oval Office and into a fake one, where he can carry out his whims without endangering national and international security:

Some of Iannucci’s collaborators, including Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus responded with interest.

And then, a little while later, Iannucci tweeted this follow-up:

Why wouldn’t they be interested? It’s actually a genius idea, like The Truman Show meets Primary Colors. And most of this exchanged happened before that anonymous New York Times op-ed from a supposed “resistance” member from inside the Trump administration. That’s practically a prequel for Iannucci’s idea.

Which is why the answer to his question is obvious: You make this movie. In the meantime, it’s worth mentioning that Iannucci’s last film, the terrific The Death of Stalin, is now available to rent on various digital platforms. Any similarities to modern politics are strictly intentional.

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