The University of Minnesota's Swine Extension Office recently put together a video on how to butcher a hog from home. It's a practical solution to a problem some people are facing as local meat markets aren't able to always process someone's hog they bought directly from the farmer.

According to the post from the University of Minnesota's Extension Office; Most of the time the person who bought the hog would book an appointment with a local small scale meat processor in Minnesota to get the pig butchered, "but the problem is when the video was recorded (May 22, 2020) many small scale meat processors are booked out for months. With no space available at a local processor and a pig that is ready for butchering, many people are choosing to butcher the pig themselves."

The amount of meat you can get from one of these animals is amazing. According to the Swine Extension Office, a typical hog (250-270 lbs) will bring 65-75 pounds of meat.

I'm apart of a social media group that is a farm-direct page for consumers to connect with area farmers and ranchers who are looking to sell directly to the consumer hogs, cattle, chickens, etc. My wife and I found that if you look around you might save a little dealing directly with the producer.

*A warning for those who watch the video. It may be graphic to some viewers as they show the entire process of how to butcher a hog.

The purpose of the video as well as this article is to assist those looking to butcher a hog for home use to do it safely for the person butchering and for those who would consume the meat products after it has been butchered.

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