We are still trying to head for that magical vaccine number of at least 70%.  That or higher will get us to herd immunity.  And that is a goal most Minnesotans are on board for.  Right now, the mask mandate has been lifted, but some people and businesses have chosen to continue it for themselves.  If we reach herd immunity, that would more than likely leave those people feeling a bit more secure.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Holds Press Conference
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Some states, and most people have heard about Ohio and the million dollar incentive, have had some other offers.  Like beer, or some cash, or some other incentive.  Governor Walz is looking at the options for Minnesota.

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Some of the options on the table are sports tickets and/or beer.  There is a problem.  Minnesota has a law that states that you cannot give out incentives (freebies) in exchange for vaccinations.  Walz is checking with some attorneys to see if there is a way that Minnesota can work around that and offer some incentives.

We, as a country have gone from the high demand when the vaccine was first introduced to now the rest of the people being hesitant to receive the vaxx. Or, in some situations might not have the means like time or a ride to get a vaccination. There have been options for that as well. The vaccination is free, Uber has offered free rides to a vaccination site, and they have been set up in some large, centrally located areas.

It isn't a sure thing that if an incentive is offered, that hesitant people will then receive a shot, but it's worth a try?? Speaking at the Mall of America vaccination site:

"I don't know necessarily if that's for somebody sitting there saying, 'I'm not gonna do it.' But I can envision three or four friends sitting around saying, 'Let's go get this because they're giving free pizza,'" Walz said. "I want to see us move a little quicker on that."

As of right now, Minnesota has about 62% of it's population has received at least one dose of the vaccine.

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