It's been three weeks since we have been able to feature an adoptable animal of the week, I was going to share 3 animals with you today, but one was adopted already! This week we are featuring two long-time residents of the Mower County Humane Society. These two guys have been at living at the shelter for a combined 20 years, meet Emerald and Niles.


Our friend Michaela Tews tells us that "Emerald was born in 2012 and even though all his siblings have been adopted over the years, he is still waiting for his special place. He is a somewhat shy guy at first until he gets to know you and is comfortable in his surroundings. He tolerates the other cats here at Mower County Humane Society and would do well with older understanding children. Adopt Emerald for $50 with an approved application.

Image Credit Michaela Tews


Michela lets us know that although Niles appears a touch grumpy he isn't as "Niles is a sweet old man. Niles is around 10-11 years young and was rescued as a kitten in 2010. His whole life has been the shelter and his shelter family of volunteers. As sad as that makes everyone feel we do the absolute best we can to give all of the animals the best life possible. We would however really like to see him in a home enjoying his golden years. Niles does fine with other cats here but would prefer a calmer home with older children. Adopt Niles for $50 with an approved application online.

Image Credit: Michaela Tews


You can apply for both Emerald and Niles here.

To meet these two shy cats, Emerald and Niles, or any other pets at the Mower County Humane Society you must have an appointment. you can contact the shelter after you have an approved application, to set up your appointment.

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