Bret Michaels has had a pretty busy career. Rising to stardom as the lead singer of Poison helped him snag gigs in several movies and TV shows. On TV he was a judge on Nashville Star and starred in the reality show Rock of Love with Bret Michaels on VH1 and its many sequels. And he's enjoyed a successful solo career.

Over the years I've seen him perform with Poison and on his own, and in each case he has put on quite the show. He really loves working the stage and chatting with the audience and his voice hasn't faltered in the least as he's gotten older.

With that said, I'm wondering, what's keeping you from registering for one of five pairs of tickets to see him as the first headliner kicking off the Tree Town Music Festival on Memorial Day weekend in Forest City, Iowa? Is it the fact that you're not a Power 96 VIP? Become a VIP here. OK that's done, now get your butt over to here and sign up to win and you'll be rockin' out with Bret and a long list of other artists this Memorial Day weekend just across the border in Iowa.

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