Southern Minnesota just knows how to fish I guess. A hearty congratulations to Noah Schultz of Waseca on his Angler of the Year award on the Classic Bass Tour Championship this year. Schultz hauled in the most points all season, and for his efforts took home a new boat, the second new boat in 3 years for the Waseca man.

Schultz and the rest of the field came into the first week of September with no clear-cut leader going into the last day of the competition. wrote about the final day of the contest "Over $88,000 in cash and prizes were on the line as well as the coveted Angler of the Year title. The reality was there was no clear-cut leader of the pack. At least four or five anglers had a legitimate shot to make their mark and claim that trophy which made things even more intense in the days leading up to the event."

Schultz beat out John Figi, Dean Capra, Adam Rasmussen, and Mark Courts for the weekend championship.

For the season's final standings, Schultz secured 162 points, across four lakes, Whitefish, Minnetonka, Pelican, and Mille Lacs.  Kyle Schutta finished the season in second place with a total point count of 154.

This is the second Angler of the Year title for Southern Minnesota, as Seth Feider of Elko New Market won the 2021 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Award back in July.

You can follow along with Schultz and what he's got coming up next as his better half "finally made him get an Instagram page" or you can follow along on Facebook here.

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