Earlier today I was sitting in one of our production studios trying to record a commercial when out of nowhere,


Ummm, excuse me, Mr. Wasp, I did not invite you in here, you gotta go!

I hate wasps. With a burning passion. I have never been stung before so not knowing what it feels like scares me. But my dad also was allergic to stings when he was younger. So, of course, I'm worried I'll be allergic too, but I do not want to find out!

It seemed so early to see a wasp! It's only been a few days since the weather has really warmed up. Also, how the heck did it get in the studio?! The studio isn't very close to the door.

Apparently, wasps start to come out in the spring (makes sense) and it's only the queens that are around since there aren't any nests yet. Ohh ok so not Mr. Wasp, Queen Wasp!

So the sudden warm up and late spring probably caused them to come out pretty quickly. The winter was so long they were probably itching to get out and start making their nests.

Speaking of nests, once the queen finds a place to create her nest, she strips wood to create a paste to structure the nest. The studio I was in does have some wood in it soooo maybe she thought she was going to make her nest there? I think the heck not!

Or maybe she was inside all winter! She might have made her way inside in the fall and decided the studio was a good place to hibernate.

Whatever the reason was, I was not a fan when she started flying around me and I bolted out of there!

So when you're out with your kids or grandkids, be careful about the wasps, they're already out and about!


Source: Wasp Removal

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